• Dual Monitor Arms


    Oklahoma City Office Furniture offers this dual monitor arm to attach to any existing desk or table.  It comes with the hardware to either clamp to the desk top edge OR to mount to your desk top with supplied screws.  These monitor arms are pneumatically assisted and adjustable so it requires a single hand to raise or lower each monitor.  This kit also includes a tablet or laptop tray to convert one of the arms to a tablet holder.  There are 2 USB outputs at the base of the stand to facilitate desktop charging or connections to your PC.  This arm allows you to tilt or rotate your monitors.

    This item is delivered for free within the OKC metro area.  If you would like for us to assemble the monitor arm, secure it to your desk and attach your computer monitors to the arms, the cost is $25.00. 

    • Set up 2 monitors the way you want
    • Fully rotating and adjustable arms
    • Equipped with USB ports for easier charging and wire connections
    • Mount to desk with screws or clamp