• Lorell Infinite Length Conference Table


    Oklahoma City Office Furniture stocks this new and unique conference table series from Lorell in both mahogany and cherry finishes.  It features a 2" thick top with curved bases on the table ends.  This innovative table allows you to build a conference table of any length using 4' add-on sections.  You start with either a 8'x4' or 10'x4' table and add center sections measuring 4' in length.  The prices shown include delivery within the metro area (Moore, Norman, MWC, Edmond, Yukon).  Statewide delivery is available - please call for a quote.  Assembly is optional and costs an additional $100.00 per table. 

    We have a small sample table of this series on our showroom floor.  Please come by to see the quality of this table in person.  I've priced out this conference table in lengths up to 22'.  Please contact us if you would like a quote for a table longer than 22'. 

    Not sure what size you need?  We typically calculate it as 1' in length is required for every person.  So, an 8' table will accommodate 8 people (3 on each side and 1 on each end).  A 10' table will accommodate 10 people (4 on each side and one on each end) and so on.  One thing to note: don't overwhelm your conference room.  We like to see a minimum of 42" between the table and the conference room walls.  This will allow traffic to get by the table occupants.  42" is the absolute MINIMUM and anything greater than that is a real bonus.  Please let us come measure your space and provide you with a CAD drawing depicting this table in your space.  This is a no-cost service. 

    • Item #: LLRPROM1