• Magnetic Glass Marker Board, 4 Colors

    $177.99 $149.50

    Oklahoma City Office Furniture stocks these magnetic glass marker boards in 3 sizes (4'x3', 6'x3', and 8'x4') and 4 colors (black, white, blue and green).  Compare our prices to Office Depot's.  At the time of this writing, their price on the 4'x8' version was $383.99 PLUS $79.00 for delivery.  This does not include installation or securing the item to your wall!  Our price is $373.00 on the 4'x8' and that includes OKC metro area delivery.  This represents a $89.99 savings over the big chain store on the 4'x8' version. 

    We will deliver this item to your OKC metro area office for FREE.  We will secure it to the wall using Hilti brand Toggler bolts for an additional $50 per marker board.  You can also opt to secure it to your wall using the included hardware. 

    These glass marker boards do not "ghost" or stain like inexpensive melamine boards.  You can leave the writing on the board for as long as needed and it will not leave any residue when you erase it.