• SitOnIt brand Achieve side chairs


    We have 110 of these lightly used office guest chairs from SitOnIt seating. We have 20 with an upholstered back and 70 with a poly back. They are high-end, domestic chairs which are made in California. The current list price for these chairs from the SitOnIt factory is $416 per chair! Feel free to confirm this at SitOnIt's site. These are the "Achieve" series. They have a fully welded steel frame and will hold up to years of use.
    These chairs feature a fully padded and upholstered seat and back. They are covered in a black crepe fabric with a solid black frame.
    The price is $40 per chair. If you buy 10 or more of these chairs, your cost per chair is $35.00. Delivery is available for an additional fee. Please contact us for details.